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Grammar Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

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  • (do-parse-tty "example sentence"): This is the same as "Parse > Input" from the LKB Top menu. The shortcut for getting this command is C-c p.
  • (lui-initialize): Start the LUI interface.
  • (lui-shutdown): Shut down the LUI interface and return to CLIM.
  • (setf * maximum-number-of-edges* 10000) increase edge limit to find deeper parses
  • note! ^ omit this space!
  • (setf * maximum-number-of-edges* 100) decrease edge limit to debug rule spinning
  • note! ^ omit this space!
 Some additional useful emacs short cuts include:
  • C-c C-p: Scroll backward through the previous commands.
  • C-c C-n: Scroll forward through the previous commands.
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