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While using the Ubuntu LKB Virtual Machine within Virtualbox it may be beneficial to create a shared folder for moving data between your host machine and the hosted VM.
  1. Within your VirtualBox manager, right click the named appliance (IE: ubuntu+LKB 25) and select "settings".
  2. Within the Settings menu select the "Shared folders" tab
  3. Click the "add new Folder" button.
  4. You will be presented with a list of required paths for the new share.
  5. First select your local machines directory that you wish to share. This is selected under "Folder path".
  6. Next make sure the box for "auto-mount" is checked.
  7. For "mount point" enter "/mnt/shared"
  8. Make sure the checkbox for "make permanent" is also checked. And click OK.
  9. Once returned to the shared folders settings page. Click "OK" again.
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