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2010-10-04 We are revamping this page to include photos and short bios. Please add yourself (or update your entry) in the appropriate category below (alphabetical by last name within categories). We encourage you to choose and upload a picture, and to provide a short bio with your research interests. Alumni are encouraged to include thesis titles, links to theses, and information about current activities!
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Emily M. Bender, Faculty Director, CLMA and Lab Director, Computational Linguistics Laboratory.

My primary interests are in multilingual grammar engineering and cyberinfrastructure for linguistics. I am the PI of the Grammar Matrix project. I also maintain the Cyberling Blog.

David Brodbeck, System Administrator.

I keep the CLMA computing cluster running. I also maintain Knoppix+LKB, a bootable CD and VirtualBox appliance with the LKB suite of grammar development tools.


Gina-Anne Levow, Assistant Professor.

My research focuses on discourse and dialogue, emphasizing the role of prosody in spoken language understanding. I am a PI on the highly interdisciplinary Rapport project.



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