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2010-10-04 We are revamping this page to include photos and short bios. Please add yourself (or update your entry) in the appropriate category below (alphabetical by last name within categories). We encourage you to choose and upload a picture, and to provide a short bio with your research interests. Alumni are encouraged to include thesis titles, links to theses, and information about current activities!
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Ebrain Mirambeau, CLMA student

I'm primarily interested in knowledge representation in the Biomedical Informatics realm and my thesis focuses on this. I also have a penchant for Mathematical Linguistics.

Joshua Lutes

Joshua Lutes, CLMA

I received my bachelor's degree in computer science from Brigham Young University. I enjoy NLP in general and I'm not sure exactly which part appeals to me the most yet. I also enjoy knitting, making wooden puzzles, and crosswords.


Kelly Peterson, CLMA

I received my BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah. I have wanted to work in Linguistics for years now and am interested in Language Documentation, Cyberinfrastructure, and CALL. I speak French and Spanish and live to travel. In my spare time I enjoy scuba diving, mountain biking, teaching English, and making weedly-needly-weeeee sounds on my guitar.

glenn-slayden.jpg Glenn Slayden, graduate student

Glenn Slayden, graduate student


Emily Silgard, CLMA

I recieved a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Outside of school I'm a strength and conditioning coach as well as an avid lover of just about any language I come in contact with.



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