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2010-10-04 We are revamping this page to include photos and short bios. Please add yourself (or update your entry) in the appropriate category below (alphabetical by last name within categories). We encourage you to choose and upload a picture, and to provide a short bio with your research interests. Alumni are encouraged to include thesis titles, links to theses, and information about current activities!
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jcrowgey_100px.jpg Joshua Crowgey, Genernal Linguistics

Anthony Wong, CLMA

B.A. in Linguistics from University of California, Berkeley. I'm a die-hard sports fan of the American big 3: basketball, football, and baseball (in that order).


Michael Wayne Goodman, CL Ph.D. student
Researching Deep Lexical Acquisition and Grammar Development. When I'm not working I like to cook and travel (actually, I do that when I AM working, too).
CLMA, Summer 2009. Thesis: Egad: Efficiently Evaluating and Extracting Errors from Deep Grammars
BS Computer Science, Minor in Japanese at Oregon State University, Summer 2007.

No picture yet!

Ka Yee Lun,CLMA

I received my BA in English literature from Western Washington University. It was in an upper division linguistics course at WWU I discovered that I had a keen interest in the study of language itself as well as its applications. After worked in the banking/mortgage industry for about two and a half years, I decided to go back to school to gain advance knowledge in linguistics related field.



(Your photo here) (Your info here)

Scott Halgrim

Graduated December 2009.

Currently Programmer/Analyst at Group Health Research Institute.

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