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Word list for Ling 567 Winter 2007

Please use this page to propose a few words for the MT lexicon (two transitive verbs, two intransitives, and two nouns). Give an English gloss to indicate which words you're adding.

Note that the English glosses will be used as the basis of the relation names in everyone's grammar (to partially finesse the issue of transfer).

When you have included a word in your grammar, indicate this by adding your language code to the languages covered column for that word. If that word is strictly unavailable (e.g., you're working on a dead language and there just isn't a translation for 'telephone'), enter the language code in N/A.

Strictly Transitive verbs

English gloss Languages covered N/A
hit arb, zul
shoot ase
call mal
buy ase, hau, mal
eat san, zul, mal
want ase
love isl
like ase
chase ase
hurt (harm) zul
see zul
take mal

Strictly Intransitive verbs

English gloss Languages covered N/A
leave arb
came hau, mal
fall san
jump isl
meow isl
sit ase
play zul
run zul
work zul
go mal
feel hungry mal
melt ase

Transitive verbs with optional indefinite object

English gloss Languages covered N/A
forget ase
lipread ase

Ditransitive verbs

English gloss Languages covered N/A
give ase, mal, zul
tell hau


English gloss Languages covered N/A
can zul, mal  

Verbs taking clausal complements

Esperanto verbs taking declarative clause complements: EspDecVerbs

English verbs taking clause complements, in the PTB: EngPTBVerbs

English gloss Languages covered N/A
know ase, mal
forget ase
ask mal
see zul, mal
wonder zul
wonder (curious) ase


English gloss Languages covered N/A
man arb, isl
woman ase,
boy san, arb, ase, zul, mal
girl arb, ase, mal
child mal, zul
mother mal, zul
student ase
book hau, arb, mal
fruit san
ice-cream ase
cat isl, zul, ase
dog isl, zul, ase
car mal
house ase
glass (the material) zul, mal
doctor zul, mal
fire zul
worker zul
snake zul, mal
tortoise zul
grass zul
food zul
toy zul
ball ase
person zul, mal
horse zul
tea zul
money zul
purse ase


English gloss Languages covered N/A
small hau, zul
big ase
stupid arb
bad zul
beautiful ase, zul
long zul
big zul
new zul
old zul
short zul
red ase
inflamed ase


English gloss Languages covered N/A
much zul
badly zul
twice zul
tomorrow zul
yesterday ase
brutally ase

-- EmilyBender - 22 Jan 2007

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