Welcome to the Study Group page.

The what?

This is the Twiki page for an informal group of Comp Ling students who get together to talk about the lectures, homework assignments, and projects in the classes of the Computational Linguistics Professional Masters program (CL PMA).

Why This Page

Right now, we're trying to find the best format for the group. It doesn't seem like any of us really want or need more meetings to try to fit into the week, so we're looking for things that will be of interest and helpful for us all. Being translated: "We're looking for topics of interest, things that will make getting together worthwhile."

At first, EPost seemed like a great place to do this. It's a tool that most of us can use already. However, since EPost is tied to particular classes, it has limited access and any particular "forum" may become unavailable after the end of the quarter that class is offered.

The TWiki seems like another good vehicle for folks to post their suggestions. Using the Wiki, we have a forum to discuss and explore topics, even after the end of the quarter. It does mean learning yet another tool, but it doesn't seem too hard. (This is my first ever new page created in a Wiki, and it seems to be turning out OK.) Besides, it's a communication mechanism that is becoming more and more prevalent. So, unlike EPost, these are skills you can continue to use, even after you leave the halls of academia.

An Invitation

Please don't be shy. In fact, if you want us to talk about a topic that is already listed on the page, it would be great if you could indicate that. You are invited to add suggestions either anonymously or with a little signature. The "I want to hear about that too" would be nice with a sig, as well.

The List of Suggestions

Enough chatter. Here's a list of potential things to talk about.

  • How does that CYK chart work again?
  • Can you give me an example of those matrices that Will is expecting for Hw4?
  • How can I control the format for numbers in Java?
  • So what's going on with lax and tense vowels?

-- DanJinguji - 28 Oct 2005

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