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When I switch between grammars (e.g., the English Resource Grammar and a Matrix-derived grammar) the LKB sometimes behaves funny (errors, seg faults, etc.). What's going on?

Because different grammars tweak the LKB differently through the parameters files in the lkb directory, it is not safe to assume that the LKB is in the same starting state after you load grammar A rather than before you load grammar B. In the course of grammar development, we generally don't have cause to change the parameters files significantly enough to cause a problem on reloading the same (slightly modified) grammar.

If you are using another grammar (and particularly one that is not Matrix derived and/or one that is large enough to have placed specific requirements on the behavior of the LKB), it is a good idea to restart the LKB itself when switching between grammars.

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-- EmilyBender - 20 May 2005

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