patas disk quota information

Quota enforcement

All quotas on the patas cluster are now "hard" quotas -- that is, there is no grace period. When you reach your quota limit, you will receive a "no space left on device" error.

Note: Under certain circumstances, rm may return a "no space left on device" error when your quota is full and you try to remove files. This is due to a bug in the version of OpenSolaris on our fileserver. To get out of this catch-22, first truncate the file to zero bytes, for example by doing the following:

echo -n "" >filename

You can then remove the file normally.

Viewing your quota

Type showquota at the shell prompt. You will also receive a warning message when you log in if you're using more than 95% of your assigned quota.

Getting your quota raised

Everyone starts with 20 gigabytes of disk quota for their home directory. If you're doing a project where you need more space, email linghelp@u to get your quota raised.

-- brodbd - 2009-09-23

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