Download Managers

If your connection is slow or unreliable, you may want to use a download manager to download KnoppixLKB. This will let you stop and resume the download as needed until you get the whole file.


MacOS X comes with "curl", a command-line downloader. To use it, open a Terminal and type curl -C - -O followed by the file url. Example:

curl -C - -O

Note that the second flag is a capital O, not a zero.

If you need to stop the download, press Ctrl-C. To resume, run the same command again; curl will detect that the file already exists, and the "-C -" option will tell it to resume the download.

Some older versions of MacOS came with wget instead of curl. If you have one of these, see the section for Linux below.

Checking your download

If you want to test that the file downloaded correctly, run the following command (substituting the name of the file you downloaded):

md5 knoppix-lkb-version-9.iso

This will output a checksum, which you can compare to the corresponding .md5 file in the download directory.


Most Linux distributions have wget available, either as part of the default installation, or as an add-on package.

To use wget, open a terminal window and type "wget -c" followed by the file URL. (You can cut-and-paste the URL from your web browser.) Example:

wget -c

If your connection gets interrupted, wget will try again automatically. If you need to pause the download, press Ctrl-C to exit wget. You can resume it later by running the same command from the same directory; when wget notices the file already exists, the -c flag will cause it to pick up where it left off.

Checking your download

Grab the corresponding sha1 or md5 file:


Test it with the appropriate utility:

sha1sum -c knoppix-lkb-version-9.iso.sha1


md5sum -c knoppix-lkb-version-9.iso.md5

SHA1 checksums are technically more reliable than MD5 checksums, but not all distributions include the sha1sum utility. Note that md5sum outputs nothing if the file is correct; as with a lot of UNIX utilities, the absence of an error message indicates success.


Windows doesn't come with a download manager. I suggest installing wxDownload Fast. It's free, it doesn't contain advertising, and it offers several potentially useful features, such as bandwidth limiting and scheduled downloads.

To use wxDownload (assuming you've installed it and launched it):

  1. Click "New" in the toolbar.
  2. Put the URL of the file you want to download in the "Address" box, and click "Add".
  3. Click "OK" at the bottom of the dialog.

The download will start immediately. You can pause and restart the download by highlighting it and then clicking the "Stop" and "Start" buttons on the toolbar. If you need to shut down your machine, just re-launch wxDownload later and it will pick up where it left off.

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