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Recommended Git Tools

Beyond the basic git commandline interface, there are a number of tools that may help your git experience.

Repository Hosting

For the capstone 573 course, you will be required to work in groups and collaborate on your code. Version control in general, and git in particular, is well-suited to this type of code collaboration. Furthermore, for reasons of academic integrity, we require for these projects that your repositories be private. There are a number of ways to create a privately hosted git repository for the CLMS program

  • GitLab (hosted on department servers)
    • GitLab is more or less an open-source github clone, and the department is testing a deployment of GitLab on our own servers.
    • To request an account, ssh into patas/dryas and use the command: request-git-account
      • This may take some time for the sysadmin to approve, so please be sure to request this account before any deadline requires it.
  • GitHub student account
    • GitHub is free to use, but private repositories are typically a paid option. GitHub does offer private repositories for free to students with a student developer pack, however.
  • Roll-your-Own
    • If you don't require the fancy webUIs provided by GitLab or GitHub, git is also perfectly happy to simply access a remote directory via ssh.
    • Instructions for how to initialize your own repository are available here.


While it is important to learn how to manage git via the commandline, using a GUI can be a huge help. Here are a few reccomended tools:

  • Sourcetree (MacOS, Windows)
  • GitKraken (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • PyCharm
    • While not a standalone GUI for git, PyCharm does have a built-in version control mode.

Diff/Merge Tools

While not exactly git-specific, if you end up having a file conflict that you need to resolve, the default vimdiff may be a bit of a headache. Here are a few reccomended diff tools that will help you rseolve conflicts with minimal headaches:

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