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Old links

[These are still of interest, since it shows what kinds of jobs are out there/which companies hire computational linguists. When moving links on to this list, add them to the bottom.]


  • Evolve24, listing on, St Louis MO, 1/16/06 (Masters, data analysis for businesses, including of the blogosphere)
  • Dictaphone, MA, 1/21/06 (software engineer working on NLP extraction engine)
  • Priberam Informática, Portugal, 1/27/06 (Spanish language expert involved in porting existing Portuguese NLP technology to Spanish, writing linguistic rules, curating Spanish lexicographic material)
  • Austrain Research Institute for AI, Austria, 2/2/06 (Action and perception based multimodal interaction)
  • Janya, Buffalo NY, 2/14/06 (parsing and grammar development; PhD or MA plus work experience with NLP) Updated 3/9/06
  • Rozetta, Japan, 2/14/06 (MA or PhD, Japanese fluency, MT start up, branches in Tokyo and Osaka)
  • OST, Washington DC, 2/14/06 (MA plus experience or PhD, corpus development and management, evaluation techniques)
  • European Academy, Bozen, Italy, 2/18/06 (corpus management, text annotation, spell checker; fluency in German required)
  • InXight, Boston or Sunnyvale, multilingual text analysis, fluency in Chinese, MA in complingy
  • SVOX, Switzerland, 3/28/06, Text-to-Speech, temporary, native speaker of Korean, Danish, Norwegian, MA in linguistics or CS.
  • North Side, Inc, Montreal, 4/29/06, Corpus mining for world knowledge, Natural Langauge Generation, MSc in Computational Linguistics or PhD
  • Stream Sage, Washington DC, 5/21/06, Search QA Analyst, BA in compling, IR or related field
  • Inxight Software, Boston MA or Sunnyvale CA, 5/21/06, Linguistic Quality Assurance Engineer, BA + 2 years experience in NLP industry or MA, native or near-native speaker of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi or Arabic
  • Inxight Software, Sunnyvale CA, 6/29/06, creation, maintenance and augmentation of fact-extraction rules for ThingFinder , BA or MA in compling
  • Local Matters, CO, 7/7/06, Ontologist
  • Voice Signal Technology, Woburn, MA, 7/12/06, phonetics, Perl, at least two European languages, MA, develop pronunciations, lexical development & tokenization issues, phonological analysis
  • General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Virginia, 7/21/06, Software engineer, text exploitation/data mining, government contractor/US citizens only
  • Q-go Nederland, Amsterdam, 7/24/06, maintenance of thesaurus-dictionary and grammar, integration with language engine, quality control of DB questions. Languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch.
  • CodeRyte, Bethesda MD, 8/17/06, NLP and ML programming for medical coding application, Java/Perl and experience with statistical NLP
  • Cataphora, Redwood City, CA, 8/29/06, analysis of multi-lingual corpora, Java/Python/Perl experience preferred
  • IBM, Herndon VA, 8/18/06, Master's in compling, Global Name Recognition REPOSTED 9/11/06
  • VoiceBox, 10/2/06, Seattle WA, ASR dialogue design, grammar development, phonetic transcription, BA + industry experience (? so maybe an MA could do)
  • Accelovation, Inc., 10/9/06, Mountain View CA, Knowledge engineering, annotating and testing corpora, coordinating team of annotators, MA, NLP and QA experience preferred
  • Eliza Corporation, 11/9/06, Beverly MA, Telephone-based speech recognition for healthcare industry, working towards making it work for all American accents
  • Janya Inc, 11/15/06, Upstate NY, "PhD preferred", but I'm guessing that CLMA graduates would be considered, esp. someone with previous work experience. Government sponsored R&D efforts, contributions to core IE technology.
  • BeVocal, 12/5/06, CA, Speech Performance Engineer: Develop grammars and statistical models for our applications, Develop statistical test concepts, test designs, and test plans in a post-production environment, ...
  • Stanford University, 12/5/06, Programmer in Christopher Manning's NLP lab.
  • SYSTRAN, 12/21/06, CA and France, Computational Linguists for Russian and Arabic, MA or PhD in Compling or CS, native speaker competence; work on continued development of Russian/Arabic-English and English-Arabic/Russian pairs.


  • Rozetta, 1/8/07, Tokyo, linguistic test engineer and computational linguist (seems to be two separate positions), native-level competence in Japanese.
  • SYSTRAN France, 1/9/07, France, Computational Linguists for Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese, MA or PhD in Compling or related field, native speaker comptence, develop MT dictionaries.
  • LDC, 1/24/07, Philadelphia, Programmer Analyst, BS/BA (but MS/MA preferred) in CS or compling, design, development and support of multimodal multilingual linguistic data collection software
  • Amherst College, 1/24/07, Massachusetts, Programming and Machine Learning, Bachelor's or Master's preferred. This is a programming position with emphasis on machine learning and computational linguistics.
  • SDL International, 1/31/07, MT Development, NH
  • StreamSage/Comcast Communications Inc, 2/9/07, multimedia search QA, Washington DC, BA in MIS, CS, compling, experience with software testing
  • Nuance Europe, 2/12/07, Project Manager for TTS (Asian Languages), Belgium, Compling or CS degree, near-native fluency in Chinese or Japanese.
  • Basis Technology Corporation, 2/20/07, Fluency in Arabic, grammar and parser development for Arabic, Cambridge, MA
  • SYSTRAN, 3/9/07, German MT, Paris maintain German modules for existing MT pairs, develop new pairs, Master's or PhD in compling, native speaker of German
  • Ingenuity Systems, 3/9/07, Information management for biomedical field, NLP jack-of-all-trades position (NB: Job app appears to be written by someone who doesn't know how much work is involved with the tasks they are describing), Redwood City, CA
  • Q-Go, 3/12/07, Researcher/Computational Linguist, R&D for NL-based solutions for on-line marketing and customer service, Amsterdam
  • RiverGlass, 3/14/07, Sr. Text Analytics Developer, Chicago area, text classification, sentiment analysis, summarization, IE, etc.
  • Accelovation, 3/20/07(?), Linguist, maintain and develop lexicon, grammar rules, and corpora for English NLP system, Mt View CA
  • Accelovation, 3/20/07(?) Java developer, NLP system, Mt View CA
  • Zi Corporation, 3/29/07, lexicon and morphological analyzer development, customize linguistic databases for customer purposes, strong background in theoretical linguistics required, MA/PhD, Calgary, Canada
  • North Side inc, 4/6/07, Natural Language Generation, Dialogue Planning, Montreal, Canada
  • BeVocal, 4/8/07, Speech Performance Enginner (English), develop grammars and statistical models, test speech system, design tools for analysis and tuning process, Mt View CA
  • SVOX, 4/18/07, Cantonese or Mandarin TTS, temporary (10-month) position, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nuance, 4/18/07, TTS, temporary (3-5 months), native speaker of one of a dozen or so languages listed, Belgium
  • A-Life Medical, 4/20/07, Research Linguist, NLP for medical purposes, sounds like it's primarily rule-based right now, MA in ling or compling, San Diego, CA
  • Cataphora, 4/26/07, Senior Scientist, Cataphora, (this position may be a bit senior for recent grads, though someone with many years' industry experience before entering CLMA might apply), CA
  • Rapid Intelligence, 5/1/07, Named Entity extraction, telecommuniting to Australia
  • Adapx, 5/14/07, Research Associate, human-centered interface design, Seattle, pdf job announcement
  • SDL, 5/21/07, Programmer, grammar and lexicon development, machine translation, English + Dutch, Danish or Finnish, NH
  • A9, 6/6/07, Senior Software Engineering, spelling correction for search, advanced degree in compling, Palo Alto, CA.
  • JHU Applied Physics Lab, 6/9/07, analysis of results of NLP experiments, design, develop & test NLP software, not clear what this has to do with physics, master's in compling required, PhD preferred, Baltimore area
  • InQuira, 6/9/07, Customer Support Engineer, natural language-based human-computer interaction, CA.
  • General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, 6/14/07, Lead Computational Linguist, IR, IE, data visualizaiton and analysis; Compling master's required, PhD preferred, Buffalo, NY.
  • U. Postdam, 6/14/07, Doctoral researcher position, Theoretical Computational Linguistics group, Germany.
  • Q-Go, 6/21/07, Customer Interactio Management applications, advanced degree in compling, The Netherlands
  • PowerSet, 6/24/07, Software Engineer, NLP, Junior Computational Linguist, Language/Knowledge Engineer, Text Mining, Knowledge Resources, and others, San Francisco.
  • Nuance, 7/12/07, VUI Design Engineer, UK
  • Rozetta, 7/12/07, Japanese MT, Tokyo
  • Acapela Group, 7/24/07, TTS for Turkish/Greek, near-native fluency required, Belgium
  • Artificialife, 7/25/07, Lexical acquisition for NLP in the context of multimedia software for movies, expertise in lexical semantics, Montreal,
  • BlueEgg, 8/3/07, Domain specific information retrieval/taxonomy design, start up, Cambridge, MA
  • Harcourt Assessment/Ordinate, 8/7/07, ASR for language proficiency testing, internship, Menlo Park, CA
  • LogicTree, 8/7/07, Manager: VUI design, Bowie MD, Note: This position requires several year's experience in VUI
  • General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, 8/8/07, Researcher, information extraction/data mining, US citizens only, Buffalo NY
  • Nuance, 8/14/07, language specialist TTS (temporary full-time position), Belgium
  • A-Life Medical, 8/15/07, Medical NLP, San Diego CA
  • Janya, Inc, 8/16/07, machine learning for text analytics, Buffalo NY
  • Zi Corporation, 8/23/07, Team Leader, pen-based HCI on mobile devices, Alberta Canada
  • RealSight Research, 8/23/07, Creative Analytics Director, 6-8 years experience, start up, Norwalk, CT
  •, Senior Software Engineer, 5+ years of industry experience, experience with NLP preferred, Oakland CA
  • U. Karlsruhe, 8/24/07, PhD Studentship, IE/Text Mining/Q&A, Germany
  • Business Objects, 8/27/07, computational linguistics for text analytics/IE/business intelligence, positions open for Japanese and Dutch/German to maintain language-specific modules, Boston, MA
  • U. Zurich, 9/6/07, PhD studentship, coreference resolution, fluent German required, Zurich
  • Q-Go, 9/6/07, Maintain/develop dictionaries, thesauri, translation rules, and grammars, native speaker of English or native speaker of French plus fluency in Dutch and English, EU work permit required, Diemen, Netherlands
  • Cognition Technologies, Inc, 9/12/07, text processing, finite state machines, Santa Monica, CA
  • Ingenuity Systems, 9/25/07, knowledge-based NLP/IR for biomedical research, Redwood City, CA
  • A-Life Medical, 9/26/07, Research Linguist, lexical databases, morphological and syntactic analysis for medical NLP, San Diego, CA
  • TeleNav, 10/5/07, voice engineering team member, Sunnyvale, CA
  • University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center, 10/11/07, Programmer, biomedical text mining, Boulder, CO
  • Accelovation, 10/12/07, Text analytics, machine learning, Mountain View, CA
  • Accelovation, 10/12/07, Text analytics, grammar engineering, Mountain View, CA
  • SVOX AG. 10/23/07, Lingware and quality assurance, Zurich
  • Powerset, 11/12/07, Relevance Ranking Engineer for deep-NLP based web search, San Francisco
  • Accelovation, 11/8/07, Junior Computational Linguist, rule-based systems for data mining, CLMA graduates may be overqualified, Mountain View, CA
  • Parity Computing, 11/8/07, Computational LInguist, Computational grammars for data mining, San Diego
  • Powerset, 11/12/07, Lexical Semanticist/Knowledge Resources for deep-NLP based web search, San Francisco
  • SPOCK, 11/14/07, Information Retrieval Engineer, SF Bay area
  • Alias-I, 11/20/07, Natural language processing API development, Natural language processing application development, Enterprise architecture design and integration, User interface design and coding, Brooklyn, NY
  • Irion Technologies, 12/3/07, Senior Software Engineer, "member of the team of inventors of the next generation information and knowledge technology", Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
  •, 12/4/07, NLP/Machine Learning/Java developer, NLP and text retrieval for sentiment analysis, Brighton, UK
  • The Fizzback Group, 12/4/07, NLP jack-of-all-trades for customer feedback analysis, London, UK
  • Nuance, 12/10/07, Research engineer, speech dialogue systems, Merelbeke, Belgium.
  • Xtranormal, 12/10/07, Parser development for French, Montreal.
  • H5, 12/11/07, H5, NLP for document review and risk management for legal professionals, San Francisco, CA.
  • Nuance, 12/11/07, Speech Scientist and Professional Services Group, London, UK.
  • Microsoft, 12/16/07, Computational Linguist, Natural Language Group, native competence in German, French, Japanese or Spanish, Redmond, WA.
  • Alias-i, 12/20/07, Developer for LingPipe tools (API, application development, UI), looking to hire more than one person, Brooklyn, NY.
  • MPI Nijmegen, 12/21/07, Software Developer, language resources projects, 2 year contract, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


  • Systran, 2/27/08, Software Engineer, Program Manager, Machine Translation, CA.
  • Janya, 2/25/08, Chinese NLP for government clients, Buffalo, NY.
  • Powerset, 2/14/08, Lexical Semanticist, Knowledge Resources. Lexicon development for NL search company. Scripting language experience, Master's or PhD in CompLing. San Francisco, CA.
  • Gregor & Associates, 2/6/08, Computational Linguist/Programmer, B2B search, legal and medical domains, Culver City, CA.
  • The Fizzback Group, 2/5/08, Head of NLP, PhD /Master's in related field plus management experience, London, UK.
  • Accelovation, 1/28/07, natural language data analysis, writing pattern matching rules and debugging the rules, Mountain View, CA. (There is also a Machine Learning Specialist position, though they are advertising for someone with a PhD for that one).
  • TNS, 1/22/07, Computatinal Linguist/Grammarian, market influence analytics, Watertown, MA.
  • L-3 Communications, 1/22/07, Text-to-Speech, Air Force Research Laboratory, Mesa, AZ
  • SkyGrid, 1/20/08, Sr. VP Operations, NLP for internet news analysis/delivery, despite the senior title, the qualifications match CLMA, Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Vantage Linguistics, 1/10/08, grammar development for English and potentially other languages, related documentation, data analysis, product planning, Master's degree not required but a plus, Newtown, PA.
  • LDC, 1/10/08 Programmer Analyst in support of corpus development, advanced degree preferred, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Q-go, 1/6/08, Computational Linguist, grammar improvements, translation rules, dictionaries etc for Customer Interaction Management, "some programming experience a plus", work-permit for the Netherlands required, Amsterdam.



The Center for Career Services on campus should have useful information about writing resumes, interviewing, negotiating salary, etc.

Here's a list maintained by one NLP company on who their competitors are.

-- EmilyBender - 15 Feb 2007

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