Basic work cycle

  1. Modify your file (in emacs or otherwise)
  2. Save your changes
  3. Run latex (latex myfile.tex)
  4. Observe error messages
  5. Lather rinse repeat

NB: The latex tutorial file available on the LaTeX page has some debugging hints.

How many times do I have to run LaTeX to get a change to be reflected in the dvi file?

When you use \label and \ref to refer to numbered examples, equations, figures, etc., you have to run LaTeX twice in order to get the references right. LaTeX will flag this by saying "LaTeX Warning: Label(s) may have changed. Rerun to get cross-references right."

When you use BibTeX you need to do the following to get all of the cited items into your bibliography and properly referred to in the text:

  1. latex myfile.tex
  2. bibtex myfile
  3. latex myfile.tex
  4. latex myfile.tex

All four steps are needed to get an additional citation properly incorporated. Changes to the .bib file will be reflected by rerunning steps 2-4. Additional references to works already incorporated in the document can be picked up with one round of latexing.


If you're using emacs as your editor, consider using the auctex mode.

-- EmilyBender - 21 Jan 2005

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