Subversion says my transaction is too large

We limit the size of commits to the repository, to prevent people from accidentally committing large files that shouldn't be in the repository (and which are hard to remove, later.) Commit transactions are compressed, and this limit applies to the compressed size, so the actual maximum file size you can commit will depend on the type of data in the file. Text compresses more readily than binary data, for example.

Generally speaking, you should commit source files and hand-edited data, not output files or static data files that can easily be regenerated. You can tell Subversion to ignore certain types of files by setting the svn:ignore property on their directory. For example, to tell Subversion to ignore files ending in ".o" and files starting with "debug_log":

svn propedit svn:ignore directoryname

Your default editor will start. Add the following lines:


...and save the file.

You can add as many ignore patterns as you want, one per line. For more information, see Ignoring Unversioned Items in the Subversion book.

If you have large files that legitimately need to be in the repository, email linghelp@u to explain the situation and you will be added to the exception list.

-- DavidBrodbeck - 13 Dec 2007

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