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UW/Microsoft Quarterly Symposium in Computational Linguistics

The UW/Microsoft Quarterly Symposium in Computational Linguistics provides a regular opportunity for computational linguists and speech and language technology researchers at the University of Washington and at Microsoft to discuss topics in the field and to connect in a friendly informal atmosphere.

Each symposium features two presentations, one from Microsoft and one from UW. In addition, symposia often include poster sessions and/or demos.

Participating Departments

Upcoming symposia

  • spring 2016: 5/13/2016 at MS
  • winter 2016: 2/26/2016 at UW
  • fall 2015: 11/6/2015 at MS

The next symposium and past symposia

DateSorted ascending Location Speakers Titles Additional presentations
    Congle Zhang, CSE, UW

Exploiting Parallel News Streams for Relation Extraction

    Hany Hassan Awadalla and Jon Clark, MSR

Skype Translator: breaking down the barriers

    Mike Lewis, UW CSE / Allen Institute for AI

Combined Distributional and Logical Semantics

    Hany Hassan Awadallah, MSR

Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning of Translation Models from Monolingual Data

    Cecilia Aragon and Michael Brooks, UW Human Centered Design and Engineering

Detection and Visualization of Emotion in Informal Text Communication

    Margaret Mitchell, MSR

Generating human reference to visible objects

    Chloe Kiddon, UW CSE

Knowledge Extraction and Joint Inference Using Tractable Markov Logic

    Munmun De Choudhury, MSR

Mining Online Social Behavior for Enhanced Behavioral Health

    Tom Kwiatkowski, UW CSE

A Probabilistic Model of Language Acquisition from Utterance and Meaning

    Dominic Widdows, MSR

Learning and Reasoning with Semantic Vectors

    Brian Hutchinson, UW/MSR Tensor Deep Stacking Networks for Phonetic Classification and Recognition  
    Aniruddh Nath, UW/MSR Generalizing Natural Language Instructions  
    Julie Medero, UW/MSR NLP in Patient-Directed Medical Displays  
    Amittai Axelrod, UW/MSR Topic Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation  
    Mona Diab, Columbia Univ CCLS Automatic Processing of Arabic(s)  
    Scott Yih, MSR Machine Learning Group Learning Discriminative Projections for Text Similarity Measures  
    Amittai Axelrod, UW EE / MSR NLP Group Translation model adaptation  
    Hui Lin and Jeff Bilmes, UW Submodular Extractive Summarization  
    Chris Quirk, MSR Extracting parallel sentences from Wikipedia  
    Anand Chakravarty, MSR Stress Testing an AI Based Web Service - A Case Study  
    Eduardo Alvarez-Godinez, MSR Test corpora development for machine translation evaluation  
    Michael Gamon, MSR Correcting non-native English using mostly native data  
    Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, UW iSchool Search Interaction in Context research group  
    William Lewis (Microsoft) and Fei Xia (UW Linguistics)

Applying NLP Technologies to the Collection and Analysis of Language Data to Aid Linguistic Research

    Emily M. Bender, UW Linguistics Grammar Customization with the LinGO Grammar Matrix  
    Mausam, UW CSE From Extracted Information to Knowledge: Current Research at Turing Center  
    Hoifung Poon, UW CSE Markov Logic in Natural Language Processing  
    Alan Ritter (UW) and Colin Cherry (MSR) Toward the Twuring Test: Conversation Modeling using Twitter  
    Hoifung Poon (UW) and Lucy Vanderwende (MSR) Joint Inference for Knowledge Extraction from Biomedical Literature  
    Kevin Duh, UW EE Semi-supervised learning for Ranking  
    Ye-Yi Wang, MSR Voice search of structured media data  
    Jian-Yun Nie, University of Montreal Machine translation and cross-language information retrieval  
    Chris Quirk, MSR Models for Comparable Corpus Fragment Alignment  
    Colin Cherry, MSR NLP Group Cohesive Phrase-based Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation  
    Andreas Bode and Anthony Aue, Microsoft MT Incubation Team - NLP Group From Research to Production - Issues & Lessons Learned  
    Marcus Sammer, UW Turing Center Panlingual Lexical Translation  
    Hisami Suzuki and Kristina Toutanova, MSR Generating Morphologically Rich Languages in MT  
    Mark Johnson, Brown University Features of Reranking Parsers  
    Michael J. Cafarella and Oren Etzioni, UW CSE A Search Engine for Natural Language Applications  
    Manuela Noske, Microsoft Windows Localizations Group Unsupervised Acquisition of Ateso Morphology  
    Mari Ostendorf, Jeremy G. Kahn, and Dustin Hillard, UW EE Spontaneous Speech: Challenges and Opportunities for Parsing  
    Eric Ringger, Microsoft NLP Group The Role of Linguistics in Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Natural Language Processing  
    Chris Quirk, MSR Toward Syntactically Informed Statistical Machine Translation  
    Mike Calcagno, Microsoft NLP Group Extracting and Exploiting Type Information in Search-Related Scenarios  
    Thierry Fontenelle, Microsoft NLP Group A large bilingual lexical resource for word sense disambiguation  
    Lesley Carmichael, UW Linguistics Prosodic Fortification in Error Resolution  
    Emily M. Bender, UW Linguistics Grammar Checking in the Arboretum: Finding and Curing Trees  
01/22/2010 UW Ellen Lidin, MSR Machine translation and localization  
01/23/2004 UW Robert Moore, MSR Two Paradigms for Natural Language Processing  
01/23/2009 Microsoft Jeremy Kahn, UW Linguistics Unlexicalizing the comma: an orthographic assist to statistical machine translation  
01/28/2005 Microsoft Jeff Bilmes and Karim Filali, UW EE Graphical Models and Machine Translation Demos


Emre Kiciman (MSR), Scott Counts (MSR), Munmun De Choudhury (Georgia Tech), Bo Thiesson (Aalborg University), Michael Gamon (MSR)

Discussion Graphs: Putting Social Media Analysis into Context

02/03/2006 Microsoft William Lewis, UW Linguistics Locating, Recognizing, and Converting Interlinear Text on the Web Demos
02/15/2008 UW Amar Subramanya and Jeff Bilmes, UW EE Training Speech Recognizers with Uncertain Word Boundaries Posters
02/16/2007 UW Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, David G. Hendry, and Chong-Ki Tsang, UW iSchool Experiments in Query Expansion  


Cosmin Adrian Bejan, UW Biomedical Health Informatics

Using statistical feature selection to improve pneumonia identification



Luke Zettlemoyer, UW CSE

Learning to Follow Orders: Reinforcement Learning for Mapping Instructions to Actions



Hannaneh Hajishirzi, UW CSE

Learning with Weak Supervision in Grounded Language Acquisition

03/12/2004 Microsoft Mari Ostendorf, UW EE Web-based Corpora: Modeling Language vs. Gathering Counts Demos
04/07/2006 UW Simon Corston-Oliver and Anthony Aue, MSR Multilingual Dependency Parsing using Bayes Point Machines  
04/10/2009 UW Vikram Dendi, MSR Standing in the User's Shoes - Enhancing the "Perceived Value" of Translation  
04/20/2007 UW Jianfeng Gao, MSR A Comparative Study of Parameter Estimation Methods for Statistical Natural Language Processing  
04/22/2005 Microsoft Katrin Kirchhoff, UW EE Feature-Based Word Representations for Natural Language Processing Posters


Joint with NW-NLP 2012




Gina-Anne Levow, UW Linguistics

Predicting Verbal Feedback across Cultures in Face-to-Face Conversation

05/14/2010 Microsoft Will Lewis, MSR MT Group Haitian Creole: How to Build and Ship an MT Engine from Scratch in 4 days, 17 hours, & 30 minutes  


Yan Song and Fei Xia, UW Linguistics

Domain adaptation via effective feature engineering across domains



Hoifung Poon, MSR

Grounded Unsupervised Semantic Parsing

06/06/2008 Microsoft Douglas Downey, UW CSE Autonomous Web-scale Information Extraction Posters


Yufan Guo, Univ. of Washington

Reviewing the literature comes easier: Information structure analysis of scientific documents

10/09/2009 Microsoft Stanley Kok (UW) and Chris Brockett (MSR) Hitting the Right Paraphrases in Good Time  
10/20/2006 Microsoft Fei Xia, William Lewis, and Dan Jinguji, UW Linguistics Towards automatic enrichment and analysis of linguistic data for low-density languages Posters
10/22/2004 UW Oren Etzioni, UW CSE Web-scale Information Extraction in KnowItAll (Preliminary Results) Posters


Tony Fader, UW CSE / MSR Machine Learning Group

Long Query Understanding with Wikipedia

10/24/2003 UW Andrea Jesse, Microsoft NLP Group Grammar Checking in Microsoft Office XP  
10/28/2005 UW Kenneth W. Church (MSR) and Ping Li (Stanford University) Using Sketches to Estimate Associations  


Yoav Artzi, UW/MSR

Towards Predicting Responses in Twitter



Woodley Packard and Emily M. Bender, UW Linguistics

Predicting the Scope of Negation using Minimal Recursion Semantics

11/02/2007 Microsoft Hoifung Poon and Pedro Domingos, UW CSE Joint Inference in Information Extraction  


Lucy Vanderwende and Sumit Basu, MSR

Making Reading More Effective: Technologies to Help Information Seekers

11/14/2008 UW Meliha Yetisgen Yildiz, UW iSchool and Kiha Inc. Finding the Meaning of Medical Concept Correlations  


Raymond J. Mooney, UT Austin / Microsoft Research

Natural Language Semantics by Combining Logical and Distributional Methods using Probabilistic Logic

2/26/2016 UW      
4/27/2018 Microsoft Superceded by 5th Pacific Northwest Regional NLP Workshop — 2018


Frank Seide, Hao Fu, Jasha Droppo, Gang Li, and Dong Yu, Microsoft Research

1-Bit Stochastic Gradient Descent for Fast training of DNNs for Skype Translator

5/20/2016 Amazon Superceded by 4th Pacific Northwest Regional NLP Workshop — 2016

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