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Reccomended Tools for Python

While Python is a great language, there are a few additional tools that we reccomend you install in addition to the base software that will potentially make your life easier.


Python Packages

The following packages can be installed using pip, and are

  • virtualenv
    • Virtual environments are often used for packaging projects, to start with a python environment that includes only built-in packages, and install third party modules as needed.
    • A virtual environment can also help you install third-party modules on a system where you don't have root access.
    • Refer to PythonVirtualEnvironments for more.
  • nltk
  • ipython
    • ipython is an alternative interpreter shell than the default "python" command, allowing the user to use a number of built in POSIX commands, such as "ls" and "cd" from within the interpreter, as well as auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
  • jupyter
    • Jupyter is primarily known for Jupyter Notebooks, which are a way of creating documents that contain a mix of documentation and live code in an easily distributable document. We may use notebooks in a few courses to share tutorials. While Jupyter supports python, it can run kernels supporting other languages as well.
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