As of 2018-2019, the recordings can be found here:

Please contact the Treehouse lab director for the password.

Winter Quarter 2022

Fridays, 12:00-12:50pm, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

1/14 Thesis topic brainstorm Emily M. Bender
1/21 TBD Phil Cohen
1/28 TBD Anjali Bhavan
2/4 TBD Brendan Farrell
2/11 TBD Ludwig Schimdt
3/11 TBD Zeerak Talat

To ask for Spring: Yulia, Melanie, Aylin

Topics for Spring: Do RQ brainstorm exercise again, but with longer per question (10min) and ask people to pre-populate the padlet ahead of time (How to avoid vandalism)

Autumn Quarter 2021

Fridays, 11:00-11:50am, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

10/8 Writing in Grad School Emily M. Bender
10/15 Neural Narratives Tivon C. Rice
10/22 Best Practices for Collaborative Coding Agatha Downey, Shane Steinert-Thelkeld
11/5 Meaning Making with Artificial Interlocutors and Risks of Language Technology Emily M. Bender
11/12 Conversational Semantic Role Labeling Kun Xu
11/19 Conference recaps: ACL 2021, Interspeech 2021, SIGDIAL 2021 Fei Xia and Gina-Anne Levow
12/3 Concept Subspaces in Multilingual Models Hila Gonen
12/10 NLP research for conversational commerce at LivePerson Kristen Howell

For Winter/Spring 2022: Melanie Walsh, Phil Cohen, Yulia, Aylin, Ludwig, Zeerak

Spring Quarter 2021

Fridays, 11:00-11:50am, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

4/9 *nix Data Wrangling Gina-Anne Levow
4/23 Modelling morphological complexity, and applications in language maintenance and learning William Lane
4/30 From Cold Brew to Turkish: Tuning the Granularity Dial for NLP across Tasks, Languages, & Scales Ajda Gokcen
5/7 CLMS & (CL) PhD student chat Emily Ahn
5/14 ACL-IJCNLP 2021 Behind the scenes: Organinzing the Technical Program for a Large Conference Fei Xia
5/21   Yuanhe Tian
6/4   Emily Ahn

For AU: Agatha+Shane on git & collaboration, ethics & NLP

Winter Quarter 2021

Fridays, 11:00-11:50am, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

1/15 Current Work in Conversational AI Solutions for e-Commerce Kim Dodds
1/22 I-Learning for a Purpose (self-directed language learning) Ruta Couet, Janis Jensen, and Jacque VanHouten
1/29 NLP in the Humanitarian Sector Michael Tjalve
2/5 Data and its (dis)contents: A survey of dataset development and use in machine learning research Amandalynne Paullada
2/12 On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? Ÿœ Emily M. Bender and Angelina McMillan -Major
2/19 Discussion: What is data science and how does it relate to linguistics and NLP? Olga Zamaraeva
2/26 Data Ethics for Humanitarian Language Technology Andrew Bredenkamp
3/5 Discussion: Mapping CLMS experience to resumes Emily M. Bender
3/13 Coding Best Practices Amandalynne Paullada

For Spring 2021: Riham Mansour (Katamai)

Autumn Quarter 2020

Fridays, 10:00-10:50am, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

10/16 Writing in Grad School Emily M. Bender
10/23 Linguistically-Informed Transformations (LIT): A Method for Automatically Generating Contrast Sets Zeyu Liu
10/30 No Treehouse: Attend WeCNLP instead  
11/6 Reducing Ambiguity in Automatically Generated Grammars Liz Conrad
11/13 An Analysis of Gender Bias in K-12 Assigned Literature Through Comparison of Non-Contextual Word Embedding Models Preeti Mohan
11/20 Ethics in NLP Emily M. Bender
12/4 IRB and Human Subjects Galen Basse
12/11 Enriching Scientific Document Embeddings with Citation Intent Kevin Henner

For WI 2021: Henner et al (; Riham Mansour; Michael Tjalve.

Spring Quarter 2020

Tuesdays, 11:00-11:50am, online only. Subscribe to cl-announce mailing list for reminders & Zoom link.

4/7 The Language of Law: An Analysis of Gender and Turn-Taking in U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments Haley Lepp
4/14 Functional Distributional Semantics Guy Emerson
4/21 Learning to Live with BERT Emma Strubell
4/28 Eviction Notices - Address Extraction Ajinkya Sheth and Ott Toomet
5/5 Language Technology and Society: Where to Start? Emily M. Bender
5/12 On the Spontaneous Emergence of Discrete and Compositional Signals Shane Steinert-Threlkeld
5/19 Towards Best Practices in Error Analysis for NLP Angelina McMillan -Major
6/2 Statistical Hypothesis Testing for NLP System Performance Comparison Haotian Zhu

For future quarters: Jesse Dodge (after 4/24), Ethics in NLP (regular AU quarter presentation), Writing in grad school (regular WI quarter presentation), IRB/Human subjects, Dan Liebing (Google), Alexis Hiniker (iSchool), Coding best practices (Amandalynne), K Sumithra, Luke, software engineering for NLP, Sonja Knoll, Philippe Di Cristo (Amazon), something on chatbots, William Lane (Textio), Marina Shah. Matt MacMahon (Google), Morgan Dutton (Amazon), Steven Bierer (Neurolaunch)Winter Quarter 2020, Preeti Mohan (AU 2020), Hadoop

Mondays, 11:30-12:20pm ,GUG 414-L and online.

1/13 Writing in Grad School Emily M. Bender
1/27 Controlling for Confounding Variables: Accounting for Dataset Bias in Classifying Patient-Provider Interactions Kristen Howell
2/3 What do I know? Pushing the boundaries of existing world knowledge Vered Shwartz
2/10 Test-Driven Modeling of Syntax: An Analysis of Constituent Questions for the Grammar Matrix Olga Zamaraeva
2/24 LORELEI Gina-Anne Levow
3/9   Jungyeul Park

For future quarters: Emma Strubell (Facebook AI in 19-20), Jesse Dodge (after 4/24), Ethics in NLP (regular AU quarter presentation), Writing in grad school (regular WI quarter presentation), IRB/Human subjects, Dan Liebing (Google), Alexis Hiniker (iSchool), Coding best practices (Amandalynne), K Sumithra, Luke, software engineering for NLP, Sonja Knoll, Philippe Di Cristo (Amazon), something on chatbots, William Lane (Textio), Marina Shah. Gina on LORELEI. Matt MacMahon (Google; Winter 2020).

Spring 2020: Morgan Dutton (Amazon), Steven Bierer (Neurolaunch)

Autumn Quarter 2019

Thursdays, 12-12:50pm ,GUG 414-L and online.

10/3 ACL 2019 recap Bender(and others)
10/10 AGGREGATION Project Bender
10/17 Meaning Representation in Spoken Dialog Systems Yi Zhang
10/24 Show Your Work: Improved Reporting of Experimental Results Suchin Gururangan
10/31 [No Treehouse meeting]  
11/7 MS MARCO: A Collection of Large Scale NLP datasets focused on Web Search Daniel Campos
11/14 The STREAMLInED project: Shared Tasks for Endangered Languages Gina-Anne Levow
11/21 [No Treehouse meeting]  
12/5 Neural Text Normalization for Spoken Dialog Systems Courtney Mansfield
12/12 Working as a Linguist in AI Enablement Cala Zubair

For future quarters: Emma Strubell (Facebook AI in 19-20), Vared Schwarz (AI2 starting 2019), Ethics in NLP (regular AU quarter presentation), Writing in grad school (regular WI quarter presentation), IRB/Human subjects, Dan Liebing (Google), Alexis Hiniker (iSchool), Coding best practices (Amandalynne), K Sumithra, Luke, software engineering for NLP, Sonja Knoll, Philippe Di Cristo (Amazon), something on chatbots, William Lane (Textio), Marina Shah. Gina on LORELEI. Matt MacMahon (Google; Winter 2020).

Spring Quarter 2019

Tuesdays, 11:30-12:20pm ,GUG 414-L and online.

4/9 Praat Basics Sara Ng
4/16 An Engineer Goes to Washington - Tech Policy and Advocacy Katherine Pratt
4/23 Leveraging CLMS Experiences for Job Interviews Emily M. Bender
4/30 Natural Language Processing for Mental Health Tim Althoff
5/7 Making Fetch Happen: Computational Models of Language Change in Social and Linguistic Context Jacob Eisenstein
5/14 Inspecting Word Embeddings with Definition Modeling Douglas Downey
5/21 Natural Language Processing at Scale: Modeling for Customer Care @ T-Mobile Heather Nolis, Phoebe Parsons, & James Ellison
5/28 Writing in Grad School Emily M. Bender

Winter Quarter 2019

Wednesdays, 2-3pm ,GUG 414-L and online.

1/9 Thoughts on Responsible Evaluation and Interpretation of Machine Learning Models Bernease Herman
1/16 AGGREGATION: Inferring Grammars from Interlinear Glossed Text Kristen Howell
1/23 Semantic matching methods for social science applications Lucy Lin
1/30 Grammar engineering in Linguistics and NLP: How representing linguistic knowledge can help linguistic analysis and language technology Olga Zamaraeva
2/6 Quantifying children's language environments and outcomes between 6 and 24 months of age Naja Ferjan Ramirez
2/13 Explainable Topic Models at Textio Laurie Dermer
3/6 Hey Alexa, Let’s Talk Academia to Voice Tech Joan Palmiter Bajorek
3/13 Cross-Cultural Differences in Data Privacy Perspectives Using Inter-Language Social Media Data Cecilia Aragon

Autumn Quarter 2018

GUG 414-L and online.

9/28 Best Coding Practices Amandalynne Paullada
10/5 NAACL 2018 recap Ryan Georgi & Gina-Anne Levow
10/12 Translation and Localization Joshua Mathias
10/19 NLP for Music Information Retrieval Shuo Zhang
10/26 Using CPUs and Virtual Environments Ryan Georgi, Gina-Anne Levow, Brandon Graves
11/2 Parallel Sentence Detection in Comparable Corpora with Bilingual Word Embeddings for Low-resource Languages John Cadigan
11/9 Interpretation Travis Nguyen
11/16 Ethics in NLP Ryan Georgi
11/30 Understanding the linguistic characteristics of advanced level writing in Chinese as a second language Chan Lƒƒ‚¼
12/7 Scripture Recommendation Using Document Structure Joshua Mathias

Spring Quarter 2018

GUG 414-L and online.

4/12 Lexical Differences in the Expression of Stance of Different Strengths Leanne Rolston
4/26 Practical speech recognition in a WFST framework Matthew Calderwood
5/10 Dialog Systems in Healthcare Will Kearns
5/17 LREC 2018 Fei Xia
5/24 Social Structure Limits Language Complexity Matthew Lou-Magnuson
5/31 View from NLP as taught in CSE Seraphina Goldfarb-Tarrant

Winter Quarter 2018

Thursdays, 2-3pm, GUG 414-L and online.

1/11 Annotation Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Data Suchin Gururangan
1/18 Extrapolation Models for Text Generation Rik Koncel-Kedziorski
1/25 Developing Libraries for Clausal Modifiers and Clausal Complements in the Grammar Matrix Olga Zamaraeva & Kristen Howell
2/1 Coding Best Practices Amandalynne Paullada
2/8 Predicting Glosses in Interlinear Glossed Text Angelina McMillan -Major
2/15 Developing an Adnominal Possession Library in the Grammar Matrix Elizabeth Nielsen
2/22 COLING 2018 PC Process Emily M. Bender
3/1 Coding in a Group: Tips and Tools for Groupwork in Tech Ryan Georgi

Autumn Quarter 2017

Tuesdays, 10:30-11:20, GUG 414-L and online.

10/3 Robust Language-independent Product Title Generation for E-commerce Ernie Chang
10/10 Interspeech & ACL recap Gina Levow, Fei Xia, Emily M. Bender
10/17 Ethics in NLP Emily M. Bender
10/24 An Evidentiality Library for the LinGO Grammar Matrix Mike Haeger
10/31 Papr NLP Usages, Architecture and Challenges Shawkat Kabbara
11/7 Algorithmic Bias in Artificial Intelligence: The Seen and Unseen Factors Influencing Machine Perception of Images and Language Meg Mitchell
11/14 Language-related work at Amazon: An informal discussion Anya Dormer
11/21 The role of linguistic structure in neural network language generation Jan Buys
11/28 Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning Denis Yarats
12/5 Semantic Similarity Modeling at Pinterest Valerie Hajdik

Spring Quarter 2017

Tuesdays 11:30-12:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/4 Ethics in NLP Seminar Recap Bender
4/11 Functional Distributional Semantics Emerson
4/18 Transition-based Dependency Parsing for Tweets Zhu
4/25 Unsupervised grammar induction with linguistically expressive grammars Hockenmaier
5/2 Automatic Tagging of Grammatical Phenomena Using Non-Manual Anatomical Descriptions in American Sign Language Gloss Nguyen
5/9 Coordination and Agreement in the Grammar Matrix Dermer
5/16 Evaluating the Impact of Gender Bias in Word Embeddings Peterson
5/30 NLP for Microblog Summarization Wong

Winter Quarter 2017

Fridays 1:30-2:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/13 Practice job talk: Computational Sociolinguistics Tatman
1/20 [No meeting]  
1/27 Coling 2016 recap Bender
2/3 Computational support for finding word classes: A case study of Abui Zamaraeva
2/10 How does your computer order a pizza?: Using linguistics to teach machines Zubair
2/17 Stance strength using ATAROS Rolston
2/24 Locale Variation in Translation Riggin
3/3 Reproducibility Bender
3/10 How to Use Your Computational Linguistics Background to Build Things That Real People Will Like (Including Possibly Your Own Company) Snyder

Autumn Quarter 2016

Fridays 12:30-1:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/7 Organizational + informal summer conference recap CL faculty
10/14 A Theme-Rewriting Approach for Generating Algebra Word Problems Rik Koncel-Kedziorski
10/21 Who Said That? Human Perceptual Accent Adaptation as a Model for Automation Rachel Tatman
10/28 Voicebox: An intelligent voice to your connected world Ledyard
11/4 A How to Give a Talk Talk Levow
11/18 Detecting Syntax Errors in Learners' Chinese Fan
12/2 Corpus linguistic NLG with Tensorflow Kahn

Spring Quarter 2016

Tuesdays 11:30-12:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/5 Clustering affixes -- continued. Integrating clustering results into morphological rules of precision grammars of Chintang Olga Zamaraeva
4/12 Comprehension at Jack -- How to understand in order to hold a conversation Heidi Young, Shekar Iyer
4/19 [no meeting]  
4/26 JSALT recap Thor Wicke-Monteverde, Leanne Rolston
5/3 Spark for Computational Linguistics John Cadigan
5/10 Writing in Grad School Emily M. Bender
5/17 Sequence-to-sequence models for cognate identification Leanne Rolston
5/24 Human-Machine Logic: Deep Semantic Textual Entailment via Syntax Interpretation Plus Logical Entailment Benjamin Grosof
5/31 Computer Assisted Language Learning: Non-native Mandarin tone mispronunciation detection Norah Hogoboom
6/7 Evolving Plexity Matthew Lou-Magnuson

Winter Quarter 2016

Fridays 10:30-11:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/15 Phonological Pun-derstanding Rik Koncel-Kedziorski
1/22 Predicting the ranks of Reddit comments Xiaosu Xue
1/29 S.K.Y.S.E.T. Synthetic Knowledge Yield Social Entities Translation Fultz, Filip
2/5 Measuring the Degree of Convergence between the Informal and Formal Acceptability Judgments in Korean Sanghoun Song
2/12 No meeting  
2/19 Automatically Discovering Distributional Similarity in Text: New Ideas and New Questions Sean Chester
2/26 [ no meeting ]  
3/4 Natural Language Processing in Cancer Research: At Fred Hutch / UW Cancer Consortium and the National Cancer Institute Paul Fearn, Emily Silgard

Autumn Quarter 2015

Tuesdays 10:30-11:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/13 Organization Emily Bender
10/20 DELPH-IN/HPSG recap Emily Bender
10/27 Fred Hutch internship report Florian Braun
11/3 Mining Job Search Engines: Identifying Health Care Job Trends Bianca Frogner
11/10 Applying Statistical Modeling to Automated Stress Recognition Matthew Calderwood
11/17 Solving Narrative-style Math Word Problems Rik Koncel-Kedziorski
11/24 Robust Parsing for HPSG ( robust-presentation.pdf) Woodley Packard
12/1 Clustering affixes: Applying machine learning to richly annotated data Olga Zamaraeva
12/8 Research @ NTU Michael Goodman

Spring Quarter 2015

Wednesdays 10:30-11:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/8 Organization; UWCL logo Bender
4/15 [No meeting]  
4/22 NLP for Clinical Applications Mitchell
4/29 Automatic Narrative Understanding: How and Why Kedziorski
5/6 IWCS Recap Bender
5/13 Classifying Intonation Contours Calderwood
5/20 Academic Writing Bender
5/27 [No meeting]  
6/3 Event Discovery, Content Models, and Relevance Haghighi

Winter Quarter 2015

Thursdays 10:30-11:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/15 Thesis Brainstorm Emily Bender (moderator)
1/22 From Language to the Mind: Learning to Read Deception, Connotation and Literary Success Yejin Choi
1/29 Natural Language Processing at the Fred Hutch / UW Cancer Consortium Emily Silgard, Paul Fearn, and Kat Egan
2/5 [No meeting]  
2/12 Language Models Wendy Bannister
2/19 Understanding Time Expressions and Event Factuality Kenton Lee
2/25 Understanding conversations globally: bootstrapping natural language processing from crowdsourced workers to expert analysts Robert Munro
3/5 Distributional Paraphrasing with Distributional and Hybrid Semantic Distance Measures Yuval Marton
3/12 [No meeting]  

Autumn Quarter 2014

Fridays 10:30-11:20pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/3 Introduction & Organization Emily Bender
10/10 SpeechAce : Real-time phoneme level feedback on your pronunciation Abhishek Gupta & Ian Cheung
10/17 Leveraging high resource languages to improve dependency parsing for low resource languages Claire Jaja
10/24 AGGREGATION Project Overview Emily Bender (with Fei Xia)
10/31 Extracting Clinical Events and Temporal Information from Clinic Notes Andrea Kahn
11/7 Open and Exploratory Extraction of Relations (and Common Sense) from Large Text Corpora Alan Akbik
11/14 TBA Simon Skaria
11/21 ACL and Semantic Parsing Workshop recap (slides) Jim White
11/28 No meeting (Thanksgiving holiday)  
12/5 ATAROS Project Presentation Gina Levow

For future quarters: Simon Skaria, Emily Silgard (late Jan, early Feb)

Spring Quarter 2014

Thursdays 12-12:50pm, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/10 Feedback in Face-to-Face Conversations: A study of three cultures Gina-Anne Levow
4/17 Sentence Segmentation for Grounded Language Learning Rik Kedziorski
4/24 [no meeting] Please attend 3rd Northwest Regional Workshop on Natural Language Processing Various (at Microsoft Research)
5/1 A finite-state morphological analyzer for Lakota Chris Curtis
5/8 Thesis brainstorming  
5/15 Entity Detection and Event Extraction for Phenotype Classification of Clinical Records Prescott Klassen
5/22 Enriching ODIN Fei Xia
5/29 Adjectives in the LinGO Grammar Matrix T.J. Trimble
6/5 Semantic Parsing: README-EVAL prep for ACL 2014 ( Jim White

Winter Quarter 2014

Tuesdays 10:30-11:20, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/14 The Case for Language Learning Games Erik Andersen (UW CSE)
1/21 Packaging and distributing reusable software components with Java and Apache Maven Prescott Klassen
1/28 (9:30) Natural Language Processing at the FHCRC/UW Cancer Consortium Emily Silgard & Paul Fearn (FHCRC)
2/4 Quantitative analyses of text : Adventures with tweets, blog posts and scholarly journal articles Ben Marwick (UW Anthropology)
2/11 Simple Links - A New Approach to Representing Utterance Tree Structures Bob New
2/18 [no meeting]  
2/25 [no meeting; please attend Kevin Knight talk instead]  
3/4 (9:30) Designing Visual Analysis Methods Jason Chuang (UW CSE)
3/11 R for Computational Linguistics Nick Waltner

Please keep previous schedules below this point

Possible speakers/topics:

Generator optimization (Rarrick/Slayden)

Chris Curtis Lakota FST

Feature engineering (WI: Ryan Aldrich)

Meg Mitchell (MSR)

Best practices for creating distributable software (general, per language)

Jeff Bilmes

Paul Fearn (WI 2013 or later)

other SSLI lab member(s)

Autumn Quarter 2013

Tuesdays 11:30-12:20, GUG 415L (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/1 Organizational Emily Bender
10/8 Hadoop Julian Chan & Claire Jaja
10/15 Javadoc as Bitext (slides) Jim White
10/18 Ubertagging Rebecca Dridan (UiO )
10/22 SystemT : an Algebraic Approach to Declarative Information Extraction Yunyao Li (IBM Almaden)
10/29 Computing Meaning: What's Semantics Got to Do with It? Emily Bender
11/5 TBA David Goss-Grubbs (
11/12 EMNLP recap Jared Kramer & Wen Wei Yim
11/19 ACL recap Fei Xia & Gina Levow
11/26 Reproducibility Michael Goodman
12/3 Building a morphophonological analyzer for Lushootseed Joshua Crowgey

Spring Quarter 2013

Wednesdays 10:30-11:20, DEN 205 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/10 Towards Detecting Linguistic Phenomena in Precision Grammars Ned Letcher
4/17 Towards Semantic Phenomena Classification Emily Bender
4/24 Recap of WI 575 Domain Adaptation Fei Xia
5/1 Parse Selection for Self-Training ( slides) Jim White
5/8 Mining Unstructured Healthcare Data (slides) Deep Dhillon
5/15 Analysis and implementation in a LinGO Grammar Matrix based grammar Varya Gracheva
5/22 [No meeting this week]  
5/29 Using features to model pronunciation variation in ASR Leanne Rolston
6/5 ERG Driven Textual Entailment Recognition Josh Cason

Winter Quarter 2013

Tuesdays 11:30-12:20, FSH 107 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/15 COLING Recap Klassen, Kaufmann
1/22 Writing in Grad School Emily Bender
1/29 Bebo corpus Song, Gracheva
2/5 (No Treehouse; GP meeting instead)  
2/12 Sentiment Analysis Kedziorski, Kramer
2/19 Deep v. Shallow Approaches to MT Mike Goodman
Grammars in On-line Education: Using an HPSG implementation to teach writing skills
Dan Flickinger
3/5 A Practical Biomedical NLP Application Emily Silgard
3/12 Tactical Generation Woodley Packard

Autumn Quarter 2012

Fridays 10:30-11:20, location THO 202 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/12 Faculty Research Presentations  
10/19 Acoustic analysis of synthesized and human voices Adam Ledyard
10/26 *SEM shared task: Resolving the Scope of Negation Jim White
11/2 Thesis presentation Megan Schneider
11/9 Elastic Map Reduce, Elastic Machine Learning from Amazon Web Service Thibaut Labarre
11/16 Thesis presentation Zina Pozen
11/23 Thanksgiving: No Treehouse meeting  
11/30 Finding Meaning in Translation Francis Bond
12/7 Crowdsourcing Daniela da Silva

Spring Quarter 2012

Fridays 10:30-11:20, location SAV 169 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
3/30 (no room available)  
4/6 (no room available)  
4/13 Thai-English MT Glenn Slayden
4/20 An Introduction to Hadoop and Mahout Zina Pozen & Megan Galloway
4/27 Coordinate Enunciation: Examining Scheme Change against the Backdrop of Text Corpora 1876-Present Joe Tennis
5/4   Kristin Tolle (Microsoft)
5/11 NWNLP (@MSR): no treehouse meeting  
5/25 Building a Chinese Language NLP Pipeline with Apache UIMA Prescott Klassen
6/1 Learning Game Rules from Rulebooks Chad Mills

Winter Quarter 2012

Fridays 12:30-1:30, Savery 155 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/13 LSA recap Emily Bender
1/20 [UW closed due to snow]  
1/27   Ruth Frowein
2/3 The Linguistic Interpretation of Computer Programs (and Related Text) JimWhite
2/10   Amittai Axelrod
2/17 [No Treehouse meeting]  
2/24 Medical Extraction Pipeline on Disparate Domains Todd Lingren
3/2 Extracting Critical Recommendations from Radiology Reports Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz
3/9 MRS-based anaphora resolution Woodley Packard

Autumn Quarter 2011

Fridays 11-12, PCAR 190 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/7 Organizational meeting EmilyBender, UW
10/14 A Primer on Classifiers JeffryScott (UW and Memory Lane) and Chris Wilkes (Memory Lane)
10/21 Thesis topic brainstorm EmilyBender, GinaLevow
10/28 No meeting  
11/4 ACL 2011 recap JimWhite, MattHohensee , SpencerRarrick , RyanGeorgi
11/11 (Veteran's day: No meeting)  
11/18 TAC Recap PrescottKlassen
11/25 (Thanksgiving: No meeting)  
12/2 Typological Properties MichaelGoodman
12/9 Thesis presentation MattHohensee

Spring Quarter 2011

Fridays 12:30-1:20, LOW 216 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/1 No meeting  
4/8 Recognizing Spoken Corrections in Human-Computer Dialogue Gina Levow
4/15 Using semantic information to improve protein interaction detection Nick Flacco
4/22 No meeting (due to a conflict with the NLT webinar that Fei and Gina need to attend)  
4/29 Some topics on BioNLP Fei Xia
5/6 Email Formality in the Workplace: A Case Study on the Enron Corpus Kelly Peterson and Matt
5/13 Cross-language acoustic modeling Michael Tjalve, Microsoft
5/20 Automatic Semantic Annotation without a Corpus: Transferring Knowledge to Resource-Poor Languages Jason Shaw
5/27 Robust Minimal Recursion Semantics and Query-Focused Text Summarization Prescott Klassen
6/3 Reordering Model Induction for a Parserless Word-aligned Bitext Chase Hermsen

AdobeConnect recordings of Treehouse meetings are available here. This link is UWNetID protected and restricted to current patas users. If you believe you ought to have access but don't, please contact ebender-at-u.

Winter Quarter 2011

Fridays 11:00-noon, LOW 202 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/7 No meeting  
1/14 Brainstorm session of CLMA thesis topics Abdullah Alotayq, Stella Podgornik, Jason Shaw, Prescott Klassen
1/21 Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Systems: Crowdsourcing and Learning Gina Levow
1/28 Automatic diacritic recovery in transcripts of Yemeni Arabic Andy Freeman
2/4 Building a Parallel Hindi-English Treebank & Detecting Structural Divergence Ryan Georgi
2/11 Hindi Treebank Conversion: Initial Results Michael Tepper
2/18 Research WIP: Bootlex Michael Goodman
2/25 Subject-dropping vs. Topic-dropping Sanghoun Song
3/4 'agree' grammar engineering environment (AgreeSystem) GlennSlayden
3/11 Researching Temporality Laurie Poulson

Autumn Quarter 2010

Fridays 12:30-1:20, Savery 155 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/8 EEB 403 Overview of GATE Prescott Klassen, CLMA
10/14 3:30pm, CSE 203 Investigating Voice in Austronesian Languages Meladel Mistica, U Melbourne
10/15 Using NLP tools to help grammar engineering Rebecca Dridan, U Melbourne
10/22 Faculty Research Overview Emily Bender, Gina Levow and Fei Xia
10/29 MT Detection Spencer Rarrick, CLMA
11/5 Learning Context-dependent Mappings from Sentences to Logical Form Luke Zettlemoyer, UW CSE
11/12 Using Grammar Customization for Analysis Comparison Antske Fokkens, U Saarlandes
11/19 Matrix Odin Mash-up David Wax, CLMA
11/26 No meeting: Thankgiving holiday  
12/3 ACL 2010 and Interspeech 2010 Recaps Michael Goodman and Gina Levow
12/10 COLING 2010 Recap Fei Xia and Emily Bender

AdobeConnect recordings of Treehouse meetings are available here. This link is UWNetID protected and restricted to current patas users. If you believe you ought to have access but don't, please contact ebender-at-u.

Please keep previous schedules below this point

Spring Quarter 2010

Wednesdays 10:30-11:20, Savery 132 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
4/7 Locutus: A Natural Language Interface to Databases David Goss-Grubbs
4/21 Lextract: Automatic Dictionary Scraping to Enrich the PanLex Database Tim Baldwin
4/28 Survey of unsupervised methods for Chinese part of speech tagging with Hidden Markov Models Alex Cheng
5/5 PHOIBLE Steve Moran
5/12 Automatic diacritic recovery in transcripts of Yemeni Arabic Andrew Freeman
5/19 Unsupervised Tone System Acquisition for Language Documentation in the Field Joshua Hou
5/26 Event Detection in Unstructured Text Eric Bell
6/2 Web People Search Margalit Zabludowski

Winter Quarter 2010

Fridays 11:30-12:30, Savery 131 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
1/8 NLP for Clinical Informatics and Translational Research Informatics Imre Solti
1/15 Deep Lexical Acquisition Tim Baldwin
1/22 Unsupervised Semantic Parsing Hoifung Poon
1/29 Using the World Atlas of Language Structures for Typological Clustering Ryan Georgi
2/5 <a target="_blank" href="" title="Framenet">FrameNet</a> John Keesling
2/12 Resolving Null Instantiations Liam McGrath
2/19 Hindi DS to PS Conversion Michael Tepper
2/26 None None
3/5 Are dependency grammars useful to computational linguists? Caleb Barr, Jeff Kahn
3/12 Argument Optionality in the Grammar Matrix Safiyyah Saleem

Autumn Quarter 2009

Wednesdays 12:30-1:20 THO 325 (and on-line)

Date Topic Presenter
10/7 Organizational EmilyBender
10/14 overview, demo, status, goals ( slides) GlennSlayden
10/21 MA thesis presentation KEN
10/28 CALL and Web-based CALL ( slides) ScottFarrar , StaciaHartleben , StellaPodgornik
11/4 ACL Recap JoshuaHou, MichaelGoodman
11/11 Veteran's day: No meeting
11/18 Cyberling2009 recap EmilyBender
11/25 Alchemy NickFlacco , BillMcNeill
12/2 GATE Tutorial PrescottKlassen
12/9 NAACL recap FeiXia

Spring Quarter 2009

Tuesdays 2-3pm, CSE 203 Except 4/21, which will be in MOR 230

4/7 Linguistic Applications for the Trie Data Structure Greg Hullender
4/14 EACL 2009 recap FeiXia, EmilyBender
4/21 Ontologies for Storing/Using Linguistic Data? Chris Evans
4/28 HPSG Parse Disambiguation BillMcNeill
5/5 Implementing a Machine-Translation Interface for English-Lillooet JoshuaHou
5/12 Resources for biomedical NLP ImreSolti
5/19 ontology II (description logics), ontologyII_DL_NLP.pdf Scott, Farrar
5/26 i2b2 challenge FeiXia, ImreSolti
6/2 The Revelator challenge ( revelator_nlp.pdf) MaryKeeler

Winter Quarter 2009

Fridays, 11-12, CSE 303

1/16 Organizational  
1/23 NICT report MichaelGoodman
1/30 Developing a PanLex API Jonathan Pool
2/6 No meeting  
2/13 Brainstorming  
2/20 No meeting  
2/27 Lemmatic Translation KateEveritt
3/6 TBA MichaelTepper
3/13 Grammar Matrix customization: Case, Agreement ScottDrellishak

Autumn Quarter 2008

Thursdays, 10-11, CSE 303

10/2 Organizational  
10/9 PanLex JonathanPool
10/16 Brainstorming topic/refinement JoshuaHou, AndrewFreeman, et al
10/23 Mechanical Turk for NP Annotation BillMcNeill
10/30 Grammar Engineering for Linguistic Hypothesis Testing EmilyBender
11/6 e-Linguistics Scott Farrar, Steve Moran
11/13 Linguistic Profiling from IGT DanJinguji
11/20 ArabicPOSAndMorphology AndrewFreeman
11/27 Thanksgiving, no meeting  
12/4 Hierarchical Exception-Marking for Automated Transcription of Thai Glenn Slayden

Spring Quarter 2008

Tuesdays, 2:30-3:20, CSE 128

4/1 Organization  
4/8 Topic brainstorm Room: CSE 110
4/15 Phrase structure from dep structure FeiXia
4/22 PanLex: Panlingual Lexical Collaboration JonathanPool
4/29 MA thesis interim report DavidLandan
5/6 Chunking JeffryScott
5/13 MA thesis interim report MegMitchell
5/20 MA thesis interim report MichaelGoodman
5/27 Language Identification FeiXia
6/3 Mechanical Turk/Generic NP annotation BillMcNeill

Winter Quarter 2008

Wednesdays, 11-12, CSE 303

1/16 Organization  
1/23 IJCNLP recap FeiXia
1/30 Levaraging bitexts for linguistic research JeremyKahn
2/6 TransGraph Mausam and Stephen Soderland, Turing Center, UW
2/13 Morphotactics for the Matrix KellyO 'Hara
2/20 A Rebel's Alliance in Babel's Aftermath Dan Flickinger, Stanford
2/27 Case and agreement in the Matrix ScottDrellishak
3/5 Wambaya and the Matrix EmilyBender

Autumn Quarter 2007 Schedule

Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30, CSE 203 (for 11/13, CSE 303)

10/2 Organization  
10/9 LFG BillMcNeill
10/16 Guest speakers: Roark & Shafran TBA
10/23 svn demo EmilyBender, DavidBrodbeck
10/30 FrameNet DavidGossGrubbs
11/6 Character encodings JeremyKahn
11/13 Lexical Extraction for MT AnkitKSrivastava (Note: Rm 303)
11/20 Evaluation Round Table JeremyKahn, BillMcNeill, LauriePoulson, MichaelTepper
11/27 No meeting  
12/4 Extracting (Hebrew) Verb Valences from Corpora MargalitZabludowski

Spring Quarter 2007 Schedule

Mondays, 11:00-12:00, CSE 303

4/2 Organization  
4/9 Disambiguation JonathanPool
4/16 Matrix Current Work / Matrix-Odin Mashup EmilyBender / WilliamLewis
4/23 Mechanical Turk BillMcNeill
4/30 NAACL Recap FeiXia & EmilyBender
5/7 Treebank Issues FeiXia
5/14 TBA KellyOHara, AnkitKSrivastava
5/21 TBA WilliamLewis & FeiXia
5/28 Memorial Day  
6/4 TBA RyanGeorgi

Winter Quarter 2007 Schedule

Fridays, 11:30-12:30, CSE 303

1/12 Organizational  
1/19 Research presentations DavidGossGrubbs
1/26 NL and the Chomsky Hierarchy MargalitZabludowski
2/2 Ruby BillMcNeill
2/9 Research presentations MichaelTepper
2/16 Research presentations KellyOHara, RyanGeorgi
2/23 Research presentations MikeOLeary, AnkitKSrivastava
3/2 Research presentations KatieSickles, JeffreyKarres
3/9 Research presentations YoheiSakata, SabrinaBurleigh

Autumn Quarter 2006 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:30-12:20, CSE 303 (for now)

10/4 Organizational, what is the difference between science and engineering? EmilyBender
10/11 Critical reading: Good paper EmilyBender
10/18 Research presentations ShaunaEggers, GabeNeer
10/25 Research presentations BrianNisonger, Yow-RenChiang
11/1 Research presentations SteveMoran
11/8 Critical reading: Bad paper EmilyBender
11/15 Research presentations LauriePoulson, BillMcNeill
11/22 Research presentations MichaelTepper, LapChueng
11/29 Snowed out
12/6 Evaluation for NLP Tasks FeiXia, WillLewis

Spring Quarter 2006 Schedule

Fridays, 11:30-12:20, THO 235

3/31 Organizational
4/7 No meeting
4/14 Guest Lecture: Sharon Oviatt Quiet Interfaces that Help People Think
4/21 Semi-ring parsing BillMcNeill
4/28 NL Interfaces to DB DavidGossGrubbs
5/5 Constructing a Turkish-English Corpus MichaelTepper
5/12 MA Project Overviews JoshuaJohanson, BrianENisonger
5/19 MA Project Overviews JoshuaMinor, ShaunaEggers, GabrielNeer
5/26 Social Networks and Weblogs JeremyKahn
6/2 MA Project Overviews PingYu , ...?

Winter Quarter 2006 Schedule

Wednesdays, 11:30-12:20, CSE 503

1/11 Getting the most out of Pongo EmilyBender
1/18 NLP & Games JoshuaMinor
1/25 NLP & HCI JoshuaJohanson
2/1 Implemented Minimalism ScottDrellishak
2/8 Lucene BrianENisonger
2/15 Guest Lecture: KnowItAll Stephen Soderland
2/22 Guest Lecture/Turing Talk:
Unsupervised Acquisition of Semantic Relations from Text:
A Case Study in Molecular Biology
Massimiliano Ciaramita
3/1 Canceled
3/8 Internationalization AchimR

Autumn Quarter 2005 Schedule

Wednesdays, 2:30-3:20, EE1 025

10/19 Controlled Languages for NLP Jonathan Pool
10/26 Character Encodings Jeremy Kahn
11/2 Papers on Computational Semantics Christine Evans
11/9 MIT OpenMind System David Bullock
11/16 Cognitive Models Albert Bertram
11/23 no meeting, thanksgiving  
11/30 cancelled  

If you have any questions about the schedule, contact Joshua Johanson.

Spring Quarter 2005 Schedule

Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 (generally)

3/30 Organizational Meeting  
4/4(Monday) Guest Presentation:
GOLD and typological databases
Jeff Good
4/13 Amazon Talk Emily
4/20 Basic Probability Michael
4/27 Entropy Bill
5/4 An ACL Paper David
5/11 Overview of statistical MT JeremyKahn
5/18 Guest Presentation Alex Yates
5/25 WordNet Jonathan
6/1 Term Project Scott

Future Topics

See also TopicsDiscussed (from previous schedules).

Winter Quarter 2005 Schedule

Fridays, 10:30-11:30 (generally)

1/7 No meeting: LSA  
1/14 Introduction, organization Emily
1/21 LaTeX Emily
1/28 Natural Language Toolkit BillMcNeill
2/4 Graph representation of typed feature structures David
2/11 Support Vector Machines Jeremy
2/18 Source Control Ryan
2/25 Decision Trees Laurie
3/11 TBD TBD

  • panlex-talk.pdf: Slides from Jonathan Pool's talk on 2008/04/22
  • -- Main.andyf - 04 Dec 2008

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