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The LKB says I'm missing a right bracket, but I can't figure out where. What should I do?

This error means that you have a syntax error somewhere near the position that the LKB reports, perhaps but not necessarily a missing right bracket. (The LKB is taking a guess there, sometimes it is right.)

Possible errors include:

  • Missing right bracket.
  • Missing & after a type name.
  • Missing period at the end of a type definition.

To go to the position indicated by the error message, make sure your current buffer in emacs has the right file open. Then do M-x goto-char and type in the position number.

You can scan the area to see if something is obviously missing, but usually its more efficient to use the tab indentation of tdl mode to find the spot where somethings wrong. See FAQ: How do I use tab to help me figure out where my syntax error is?.

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-- EmilyBender - 02 Nov 2004

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