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Software on Department Servers

NLP Software

Version Control

Subversion server (

Using Git on the Cluster

Condor - How to Run your Code on the Cluster

Condor is the job management software installed on the department cluster.

Many programs we will implement in the CLMS program can cause a high system load on a machine. To make sure that the system does not lock up and become unavailable, we use Condor to pass jobs off to other machines in the cluster, and queue jobs if all other machines are busy.

Please familiarize yourself with how to run jobs via condor with the How to Use Condor page.

Other Software on the Cluster

While general usage of software like git and python are detailed below, a few "gotchas" or suggestions for how to run these tools on the cluster are given here.

  • Java
    • The default version of java on the cluster is jdk8 (1.8.0).
      • Other versions are available in /opt/jdk[7-9]
  • Python
    • The default version of python on the cluster is 2.7.5
      • In order to use python 3, be sure to use the python3 command or a virtualenv.
    • Virtual Environments
      • Virtual environments are extremely helpful for using third-party modules in your software that you would like to run on the cluster, without requiring that software be installed in the root install.
      • Refer to the Virtual Environments wiki page for more.

Software for your Local Machine

Other Academic Software

Other Helpful Development Software

  • SSH
    • Mountain Duck (Paid) — Mount SSH (and more) connections in the file explorer on Mac/Windows
    • Cyberduck (Free) — Browse SSH (and more) connections in a helpful GUI on Mac/Windows

General Guides

There are plenty of well-written guides for how to use git, python, and other tools that we will be using in the CLMS program. A number are linked below. Be sure to refer to the section on software on the department servers above for specifics on running on the department servers.

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