Who do I contact for help with patas or the Treehouse workstations?
linghelp at u dot washington dot edu

Who do I contact if I have problems with the wireless network in the lab?
Contact UW Technology at 206-221-5000. Leave your laptop on and connected (or attempting to connect) to the wireless network; this will aid their troubleshooting. Be prepared to provide your laptop's hardware address; this is also known as a MAC address and will probably be printed on the wireless network adapter or on the bottom of the machine.

My password works under Linux, but not under Windows. What gives?
You have an older account that was created before we added Windows file sharing to the cluster. You will need to email linghelp and have your password reset. Once this has been done your Windows and Linux passwords will stay in sync.

How do I customize my login shell?
The Linux machines in the Treehouse run the BASH shell by default. Bash shell configuration is done with a .bashrc file in your home directory.

How do I launch the LKB on Treehouse machines?
Start emacs, and then type M-x lkb RET (For those not familiar with Emacs lingo, this means hold down Alt and press x, then type the letters "lkb", then press Enter.)

How do I use a flash drive under Linux?
Insert the flash drive into any available USB port and it should be recognized automatically and appear on the desktop. To safely remove the drive, right-click on it and choose "Unmount Volume" from the menu. You may also safely remove the drive after shutting down the machine..
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