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Faculty and Staff


Emily M. Bender, Faculty Director, CLMS and Lab Director, Computational Linguistics Laboratory.

My primary interests are in multilingual grammar engineering and cyberinfrastructure for linguistics. I am the PI of the Grammar Matrix project. I also maintain the Cyberling Blog.

Fei Xia, Professor

Brandon Graves, System Administrator.

I keep the CLMA computing cluster running. I also maintain Knoppix+LKB, a bootable CD and VirtualBox appliance with the LKB suite of grammar development tools.


Gina-Anne Levow, Associate Professor.

My research focuses on discourse and dialogue, emphasizing the role of prosody in spoken language understanding. I am a PI on the highly interdisciplinary Rapport project.

Ryan Georgi in front of GUG

Ryan Georgi, Acting Assistant Professor.

My research focuses on resource-poor languages, tool+interface creation for assisting language researchers and annotators, and more recently an exploration of ethics and science communication.



Rob Komjathy, CLMA

I got my bachelor's in Marketing from Western Michigan University and worked for a few years before deciding it was time for a career change. I've studied German for a fairly long time, and have also spent some time with Dutch, Italian, Lithuanian and Latin. I'm going with the "open mind" approach to this whole program, I don't know exactly what interests me the most, but I'm sure it'll become clearer as time goes on. My interests sway like a pendulum sometimes, but the things I enjoy most are reading, video games, playing guitar, and dancing Lindy Hop.


Ebrain Mirambeau, CLMA student

I'm primarily interested in knowledge representation in the Biomedical Informatics realm and my thesis focuses on this. I also have a penchant for Mathematical Linguistics.

Joshua Lutes

Joshua Lutes, CLMA

I received my bachelor's degree in computer science from Brigham Young University. I enjoy NLP in general and I'm not sure exactly which part appeals to me the most yet. I also enjoy knitting, making wooden puzzles, and crosswords.

No picture yet!

Chase Hermsen, CLMA

I received a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Linguistics and Japanese, along with a Certificate in Literary Translation, from the University of Rochester in 2010. I am currently a full-time CLMA student who recently realized his profile was woefully out of date. I am working on my thesis right now, and have recently gotten an internship offer at MSR!


Kelly Peterson , CLMA

I received my BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah. I have wanted to work in Linguistics for years now and am interested in Language Documentation, Cyberinfrastructure, and CALL. I speak French and Spanish and live to travel. In my spare time I enjoy scuba diving, mountain biking, teaching English and playing guitar.


Megan Schneider, CLMA

I received my BS in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, with minors in Linguistics and Mathematics. I am most interested in Computational Neurolinguistics.


Glenn Slayden, graduate student


Emily Silgard, CLMA

I recieved a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Outside of school I'm a strength and conditioning coach as well as an avid lover of just about any language I come in contact with.


Joshua Crowgey, General Linguistics

Currently [2011] working on representing negation phenomena in the Grammar Matrix


Anthony Wong, CLMA

B.A. in Linguistics from University of California, Berkeley. I'm a die-hard sports fan of the American big 3: basketball, football, and baseball (in that order).


Michael Wayne Goodman, CL Ph.D. student
Researching Deep Lexical Acquisition and Grammar Development. When I'm not working I like to cook and travel (actually, I do that when I AM working, too).
CLMA, Summer 2009. Thesis: Egad: Efficiently Evaluating and Extracting Errors from Deep Grammars
BS Computer Science, Minor in Japanese at Oregon State University, Summer 2007.

Ka Yee Lun, CLMS

I received my BA in English literature from Western Washington University. It was in an upper division linguistics course at WWU I discovered that I had a keen interest in the study of language itself as well as its applications. After worked in the banking/mortgage industry for about two and a half years, I decided to go back to school to gain advance knowledge in linguistics related field.


Chad Mills, CLMA

I received my BS in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering in 2006 at the University of Arizona. I am currently working at Microsoft on detecting abusive activity across Windows Live properties, and am a part-time CLMA student. I'm most interested in a combination of information extraction and semantics, but find applications of most statistics-based algorithms interesting. Outside of work, I currently enjoy playing strategy board games, watching The Big Bang Theory, playing racquetball, reading (fiction with engaging plots, biographies of scientists, learning), listening to lectures, going to movies, writing simple mobile apps I'll find useful myself, and driving.


Matt Hohensee, CLMA

My undergrad degree is a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford (with a minor in Biological Sciences). Not sure exactly what my specialty within comp ling is going to be, but hoping to find out soon! I'm also a musician (used to be full-time, now just in my spare time), and just relocated to Seattle from northern California.

Norah Hogoboom, CLMS

I received my B.A. in Linguistics from the UW. I grew up in Berkeley, California but I’ve lived in Washington so long I’m almost a native. I have a small "hobby farm" in the Snoqualmie Valley with my extended family, including numerous cats, chickens and a dog. I have a barn, a tractor, and a log-splitter, but I only was able to upgrade from dial-up in 2010. I was the test lead for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many years before it was sadly cancelled by Microsoft in 2009. I am currently the test lead for SQL Server international testing. I love languages, linguistics (especially phonology and historical linguistics) as well as aviation and technology. [Image is a self-portrait of myself reflected in a P-51 Mustang at Paine Field]

profile.jpg Thibaut Labarre, CLMS

I come from a French engineering school were I majored in Computer Science and minored in Civil Aviation. Since very young I love to learn new languages. I'm also really interested in processing meaning, information extraction and developping original algorithms to make sense of the huge mass of data produced each day.
100x100JoshCason.jpg Josh Cason, CLMS

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in linguistics and minored in philosophy and computer science. I'm interested in logic and how it is applied in grammars (like CCG or type-logical grammar), semantics and pragmatics, programming languages, and in automated reasoning. I am also interested in contributing to linguistic resources for the Biblical corpus in ancient Hebrew and Greek (like treebanks, meaningbanks, etc) and/or exploring the use of Bible translations in cross-linguistic research and applications.


(Your photo here) (Your info here)

Scott Halgrim

Graduated December 2009.

Currently Programmer/Analyst at Group Health Research Institute.

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