Adding more disk space in UbuntuLKB

Starting with version 19, UbuntuLKB can easily be expanded to add more virtual disk space.


  1. Shut down UbuntuLKB, if it's running.
  2. In the main VirtualBox window, highlight the UbuntuLKB VM in the left column, then click the "Storage" heading on the right. Depending on the window size, you may need to scroll down to see the Storage heading.
  3. Highlight the "Controller: SATA" line, then click the add hard disk icon just to the right of it.
    Storage dialog
  4. Click "Create new disk."
  5. When asked for the file type, leave "VDI" selected and click "Continue."
  6. Usually you will want to accept the default of dynamically allocated storage, but change this if desired. Then click "Continue."
  7. Adjust the file name and size to taste, then click "Create."
  8. Now, boot UbuntuLKB and open a terminal.
  9. At the command prompt, type sudo expand-disk and hit return. You will be prompted for a password; if you haven't changed it, the password is ubuntu
  10. The script should find your new virtual disk (probably on /dev/sdb if you haven't done this before) and prompt you for permission to use it. Type y to continue.
  11. The script will set up the new disk, then show you the new filesystem statistics.

This process can be done multiple times, if necessary; however, once you've expanded UbuntuLKB onto a virtual disk, you can't shrink it to reclaim the space. Be careful you don't use up too much of your host system's hard disk space, or you may have to remove UbuntuLKB entirely to get it back.

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