Using F# on Patas

You can experiment with Microsoft's functional programming language on patas. The interactive interpreter can be started with:

$ mono /opt/fsharp/bin/fsi.exe --gui-

This generally requires you to be using a terminal program that interprets ANSI sequences (Tera Term does not, but SSH Tectia is fine, if you select 'ansi' for the 'terminal answerback' on the "Terminal" tab of the connection profile. Scroll to the right to find the "Terminal" tab)

From the interactive prompt, you can enter and run F# programs:

let rec factorial = function
   | 0 -> 1
   | n -> n * factorial(n - 1);;
val factorial : int -> int
> factorial 5;;
val it : int = 120
> #quit;;

-- Main.gslayden - 2010-07-27

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