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How do I look at fully specified lexical entries or rules?

From the LKB top menu, select View, and then "Lex entry...", "Word entries...", "Grammar rule...", or "Lexical rule...". In each case, you will be presented with a dialogue box to specify which particular entry or rule you would like to see.

  • For "Lex entry...", type in a lexical entry identifier (i.e., the bit before the := for one entry in lexicon.tdl). The LKB will pop up a window showing the full feature structure for that lexical entry.
  • For "Word entry...", type in an orthographic form corresponding to one or more uninflected words in your lexicon. The LKB will pop up one or more feature structures, one for each word matching that form. (No lexical rules are applied.)
  • For "Grammar rule..." or "Lexical rule..." select the grammar rule you would like to see from the list.

The menu item "View > other entry..." will let you browse root conditions (roots.tdl) and labels (labels.tdl) in a similar fashion.

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-- EmilyBender - 02 Nov 2004

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