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Wiki Standards and Practices


This Wiki may or may not respect characters you enter into its editor if they are outside the Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) range. As a test, try editing this page by putting characters of your language directly into the text area below.

Put characters here: ?? (Left of here should be 2 characters, a capital C with circumflex and a small u with breve.)

Put more characters here:

Put more characters here:

Then see whether the characters you entered look the same after you save and view the page again. If not, then you can't enter your characters directly. Instead, you need to find their HTML character entity codes and enter those instead.

-- JonathanPool - 08 May 2006

I think the handling of UTF characters should be improved now. Test of some kanji in raw edit: 參肆

And some Hangul characters in the WYSIWYG editor: ᅓᅒ

These were done using Firefox on OS X.

-- brodbd - 23 Sep 2009

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